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“Under The Fragmented Sky” release date, preorder and cover

Under The Fragmented Sky”, the new Lunatic Soul album, is set for release through Kscope and Mystic Production on May 25th. The album will be a supplement to “Fractured”, the fifth studio release from October last year, and will comprise 8 new compositions, most of which are instrumental.

It’s a very unexpected and spontaneous release. Initially, I was thinking about a maxi single “A Thousand Shards of Heaven” with a couple of other tracks but the material had evolved so beautifully in the studio that I ended up with 36 minutes of brand new music. It’s a truly enchanting album. “UTFS” is a music journey with very subtle electronics and vocal experiments, it’s incredibly coherent and much closer to the mood of the earlier Lunatic Soul albums.

Thanks to “Under the Fragmented Sky”, the last red album will gain a fuller meaning and the whole Lunatic Soul discography will be enriched with another shade of my music fascinations, which have been suspended somewhere between life and death from the very beginning.

See you all in another melancholic shade of red!


  1. He av en (04:05)
  2. Trials (05:44)
  3. Sorrow (01:30)
  4. Under The Fragmented Sky (05:03)
  5. Shadows (04:31)
  6. Rinsing The Night (03:56)
  7. The Art Of Repairing (07:54)
  8. Untamed (03:24)

Artwork by Jarek Kubicki


Mystic Production

“Under the Fragmented Sky” recording finished

Dear Friends,

I’m feeling really happy because I’ve just finished recording the new Lunatic Soul album. You might ask, “Wait, what? What NEW album? “Fractured” has only just been released and there’s another NEW album? But is it just a compilation or new recordings? And what about Riverside?”

Well, let me address these questions now:
* Yes, this year will see the release of the new Lunatic Soul album, called “Under the Fragmented Sky”. Let’s say it will be a supplement to “Fractured” because it was composed mostly during “Fractured” recording sessions, but I have been working on it in Serakos mainly recently, between December 2017 and February 2018. I call it a minialbum but it will contain 36 minutes of ENTIRELY NEW material, and these days a lot of artists consider it to be a full length release.
* The album will be mostly instrumental, but there will be two songs on it as well. The vinyl edition will have 4 tracks on each side.
* It has turned out to be a very coherent, beautiful release, intimate, nostalgic, very cinematic, different than “Fractured” and different than everything you have heard from me so far, but at the same time, very “lunatic”.
* It will be the first release without the “LS” symbol on the cover, so that it’s different for a while.
* The release has been scheduled for May, more information about it soon.
And last but not least, let me thank you for your ongoing support and for giving me the opportunity to record my solo albums. Lunatic Soul will be 10 years old in 2018, and “Under the Fragmented Sky” will be the sixth release of this solo project. Not too bad for that time frame!

Warm regards,

And now, with clear conscience, I can start working on the new Riverside album ;) Have a nice weekend!

“Under the Fragmented Sky” progress

Work on the final version of the first Lunatic Soul mini album called “Under the Fragmented Sky” is in progress. Something that was initially going to be a maxi single, then a short EP, has now grown into a full length LP. It will be 37 minutes long (which makes it longer than some of the modern albums ;-)) and comprise eight previously unreleased compositions, most of which are instrumental.

The music was composed mostly during the recording sessions for “Fractured” but it didn’t make it to the album for a few reasons. Firstly, “Fractured” was meant to be (and is indeed) the first Lunatic Soul release without instrumental tracks. Secondly, “Fractured” was meant to be (and is indeed) “sharp”, “musically shattered”, and, just like its cover, “red”, vibrant and dynamic. That was the concept behind it and it was successfully translated into the album, which, as it turns out, you really like, for which I am very grateful.

At the same time, it is not a full picture of the latest Lunatic Soul recordings. These, let’s call them, more classical pieces have been waiting for their own time which has now come. “Under the Fragmented Sky” will be both a supplement to “Fractured” and an artistically independent release with its own character and identity. Six of the eight tracks are instrumental, although these are also filled with wordless vocal experiments, which some of you might already be used to ? I am currently polishing the final details, recording the last bits, and we’re reworking the final mixes, as the tracks needed a bit more precision. It’s going to be a really nice, coherent album, more subdued and reflective, with an addition of many new experiments.

Lunatic Soul “Under the Fragmented Sky” will be released both on CD and on vinyl.
Most likely in May 2018.
More info soon!

Lunatically yours,

“Under the Fragmented Sky”


First of all, I’d like to say a big thanks to all of you for such a good, if not the best response in the history of this project to the newest Lunatic Soul release. I am really glad that many people have finally appreciated the alternative dark-trance-oriental vision which I’ve been exploring for almost 10 years. “Fractured” is different from previous four albums, less dark, more melodious, more trance and closer to “the world of the living” rather than to “the world of the dead”. For obvious reasons, in 2016 I didn’t want to wallow in darkness but instead I wanted to create something that would help me survive difficult times. You can hear the result of that on “Fractured”. Thanks again for putting the album on your top lists and end-of-the-year summaries. As ever, I’m ever so pleased :)

Those of you who have read interviews with me might remember that I mentioned “a lot of material” and that initially “Fractured” was 90 minutes long. That’s true, at the start I had thought about this album as of a double release but in the end decided on a shorter, more concise one, without instrumental tracks.

You might ask, “what happened with those leftover tracks?”, “where are the remaining 35 minutes that did not make it to the album?” Well, my first thought was to simply put them all away in a drawer but after I’d given it some thought, I realised that I should show them to you.

And so I’m really happy to tell you that there will be an addition to “Fractured”, a supplement, an add-on, the first mini album in the history of the project or, as gamers would say, a DLC :) It will be called “Under the Fragmented Sky”, it will contain 35 minutes of completely new, previously unreleased music, and it will be released in the first half of 2018. Musically, it will be somewhere between “Walking on a Flashlight Beam” and “Fractured” but more towards soundscapes. It will have its own identity and character, and together with “Fractured” it will fully illustrate my latest music vision and “complement” the main album.

Thus the story is not over yet and another chapter will follow soon :)

And last but not least, I’d like to wish you all a peaceful time of well deserved rest. Hopefully the coming Christmas will not be too dark or overly melancholic and instead will fill you with a lot of joy and strength.
Time to take a bow now, and thank you again for being there so I can keep making my music worlds for you :)