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Music from a Forest

I am mainly associated with progressive rock, where you expect some rhythm changes all the time, but, to be honest, I really and truly love monotonous rhythm, pulse, trance. I love electronic music where sounds pulsate, suspended in the beat; the work of Tangerine Dream is extremely close to my heart, as well as more modern bands like Solar Fields or Aes Dana. I absolutely love shamanic, ritual trance music from artists like the Swedish band Hedningarna. They have this song, “Graucholorfen”, which I think I have listened to about a million times. I have always wanted to found a band that plays such “music from a forest”, and Lunatic Soul was created mainly so I could make exactly this sort of sounds. But I only understood it on the seventh album“.

Lunatic Soul “Through Shaded Woods” – out November 13th.

art by Sightsphere

Lunatic Soul – Navvie

Lunatic Soul premiere second single and video for ‘Navvie’ from the new album ‘Through Shaded Woods’ out 13th November.

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“Nav” (Polish spelling “Nawie”) is the name for the Slavic underworld, and also denotes the souls of the dead, so it gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to my music underworld. The new Lunatic Soul album, “Through Shaded Woods”, talks about breaking free from the great beyond, about making your way to the other side, about a second chance and coming back to life. The “dancing souls” from the album artwork and the new videoclip make the world turn green. And green is the colour of healing, hope and freedom. In these incredibly trying times, I wish each one of us exactly that: healing, hope and freedom.

Director / DOP: Tomasz Pulsakowski
Camera Operator: Maciej Badach, Mateusz Socha
Key Grips: Tomasz Bogdan
Stylist: Ewa Wawrów
Choreography: Joanna Chułek VFX: Animati Studio
Grading & postproduction: Sightsphere
Joanna Chułek
Małgorzata Czyżowska
Natalia Handzlik
Dagmara Piasta
Ewelina Sobieraj

Music and all instruments by Mariusz Duda
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Magda and Robert Srzedniccy at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Listen to “The Passage”, the new Lunatic Soul track!

“The Passage” is a signature piece of the new Lunatic Soul album, on which we enter a mysterious forest full of dynamic, ritual dances. The title “passage” is the destination for the main character, where he is to be cleansed and reborn.

“Shaded Woods” are our worst traumas and nightmares, the most difficult moments in our life. Also symbolic of our present, difficult times. Going through them symbolises facing and overcoming them. May this song, as well as the whole album, be like a torch, which not only makes the darkness disappear, but might come in handy when fighting monsters.


Lunatic Soul “Through Shaded Woods”

And so “the big day” is getting nearer. I am really pleased to announce that the new, seventh (!) Lunatic Soul album titled “Through Shaded Woods” is coming out on 13th November 2020.
“Shaded Woods” are our worst traumas and nightmares. Going through these woods symbolises facing them. It’s a test of courage. Musically, we’re going on a journey inspired by dark Scandinavian and Slavic folk.

“Through Shaded Woods” will be released as a single LP, a single CD and a special extended double CD version containing, among others, a suite “Transition II”. It will also be available on all streaming services and digital platforms.

Here is the tracklist of the new album:

Lunatic Soul – “Through Shaded Woods”

1. Navvie 04:03
2. The Passage 08:57
3. Through Shaded Woods 05:51
4. Oblivion 05:03
5. Summoning Dance 09:52
6. The Fountain 06:04

Bonus disc:

1. Vyraj 05:32
2. Hylophobia 03:20
3. Transition II 27:45

The first single from the album will be out on September 25th.