It is my great pleasure to share with you the first single from the upcoming Lunatic Soul album. “Untamed” is the final track from “Under the Fragmented Sky” and at the same time a farewell to the theme of mourning explored on “Fractured”.

Such a positive opening seems to me more appropriate for this time of year and for the first ever “non-autumnal” release of Lunatic Soul, which you will be able to listen to in its entirety on May 25th.

I hope this piece will be your soundtrack for many positive moments!


Mystic Production

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  • Love the preview Untamed…. always great to hear new music from Lunatic Soul as well as Riverside.

  • I know its a personal preference but I am so glad there are acoustic drums on this song, not sure if the whole album will be but yeah, the song is strong and I have listened multiple times, its a great song to snag people, catch their ear and open them up for other material in your catalog, well done all around, production, writing and performance, has an earnest quality which is hard to find.

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