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Working on an album is a beautiful thing

7 February 2024

Working on an album is a beautiful thing. I must admit that for me, the creative process itself is the most important part of this whole music business. It has always been this way. It simply brings me the most joy. If only I could, I would never leave the studio. But sadly I have to sometimes 😉 At some point, The Beatles gave up playing live and concentrated solely on recording studio albums. Who knows, perhaps one day I will follow in their footsteps. But for now, I have to walk the line, find gaps between Riverside concerts, make use of every free moment. It’s getting harder now that Riverside have a more intensive touring schedule. The only additional thing I had time for was a quick brush with electronica. Fortunately, I’ve just had a three-month break and I can proudly announce that I managed to use this time to compose the new Lunatic Soul album. I know, I was supposed to rest but my inner voice was calling 😉

I recorded a demo in Studio Serakos. About half of it will very likely make it to the album. It’s not bad but… I feel it’s only the beginning. It’s going to be a very big album and it will probably take me about a hundred years to record. OK, maybe less. But I can see how much I still have to do. Luckily, I’m not worried about the lyrics; I have had the whole concept planned out for many years and albums so the foundations are strong and stable. But I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, and that I’m recording the eighth and, unfortunately, the last album of the cycle. I still don’t know myself whether that’s the end of Lunatic Soul, or whether I will start another chapter of it in the future. I’m not thinking about it yet. Most of all, I’d like to make an album worthy of the end of the whole cycle, classy, atmospheric and powerful.

During these three months I have realised one thing: no matter how much I deal with pure electronica, which started during lockdown, I feel most myself in Lunatic Soul. OK, in Riverside too, but it’s a bit different because, obviously, when I compose, I have to take my bandmates into consideration as well. In Lunatic Soul, I focus mainly on my hooded alter ego playing Dark Souls 🙂 I also feel that all these folk – oriental – ambient – a little electronic – still a bit progressive – woodsy – dark – not quite defined moods are simply what I do best.

Or maybe I simply missed this world?

I will share with you the first samples of the new music in the autumn. At least that’s the plan at the moment. Thank you for not losing interest!

Photo from The Boogie Town Studio by Radek Zawadzki