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I think it’s time for a comeback

17 January 2024

Well then, I think it’s time for a comeback.
And not just to social media (and hooded pictures ;)) but to more emotional playing, too.
I’m temporarily putting aside my solo playing around with pure electronica. I’m returning to songs, guitars, bass, riffs, and live drums. There will be elements of electronica as well, but used subtly as an addition rather than in the foreground. I’m also going back to strange percussion instruments and oriental influences. And all of this because of the new Lunatic Soul. Recordings of the new material are in full swing.
It will be the last album in the cycle, the last one with the “snake/cracked LS symbol”. From what I can hear and see, it will definitely be the longest. And for me, also symbolically special: including Riverside and solo electronica, it will be the twentieth studio album in my career for which I composed or co-composed the whole or most of the material.
So please keep your fingers crossed for a satisfying outcome. And I will make sure to share some studio spoilers with you in the coming months.
Photo by Oskar Szramka