Seventh Album

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a picture taken in a forest. A picture of me, hooded, among trees. Because forests, just like lakes, are my natural habitat. Perhaps not everyone knows about it, but I come from a small town – Węgorzewo in the Masurian Lakeland, and that town is surrounded mainly by forests and lakes. That is where I grew up and spent a large (still the largest, in fact) part of my life. That is, until I packed my bags and moved to Warsaw.

And so the forest will be my inspiration for the next Lunatic colour. After blue and red, it’s time for green. It is my pleasure to announce that soon I will enter the studio to work on the seventh Lunatic Soul album. It will be very organic and folky this time, but, naturally, “in my way”. I’ve just finished the demo and at the end of the month I’m starting the recording sessions. (Somewhere between Riverside concerts). What will come out of it – we’ll see.

I remain lunatically yours and I promise to reveal more information soon.

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  • This is great news! I love your music so much. I love Riverside of course but Lunatic Soul is such amazing music that I listen to it daily. Keep up the good work, Mariusz!

  • This is welcomed news. I have been a Riverside fan from the beginning, and I have recently become acquainted with the side workings of Lunatic Soul. I am a complete fan of yours and ALL of your contributions to our musical world. You are incredibly talented and a diverse musician. I believe that the loss of your band mate, ( May he RIP. His talents are greatly missed.) have inspired you to produce some exceptional music. I would love to see you guys live one day before too long. Forgive me for the following suggestion, but if I had a musical bucket list of my favorite musicians that were to collaborate on a super album, I would love to see such a partnership between you and Steven Wilson. I think you two would create some astonishing pieces. Take care and know that I am truly one of your biggest fans. #LunaticSoul #Riverside #Mariusz Duda!!

  • Troy Flick (Utah USA)

    I became a Lunatic Soul fan before I was a fan of Riverside even though I heard Riverside before LS. I will always welcome both and yet I look more forward to LS releases (just barely). MARIUSZ, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK! Now all we need are live albums from both bands!!!

  • Music a materialization that releases the emotional connections of all things,, we exist as human beings in a beautiful world beyond comprehension. LS music makes that connection because of feeling that is what I FEEL and HEAR. Your compositions, a wonder glad you are around. I feel maybe a purpose for all HUMANKIND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,be both

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