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New Lunatic Soul release this year!

29 June 2011

Lunatic Soul – “Impressions”

Impressions” is a collection of instrumental compositions, an addition to the story told on the black and white Lunatic Soul albums. Those songs without lyrics, with scarce vocal parts limited to being just a background, are more ambient in style, resembling a soundtrack to a film or a video game. The titles of those new compositions are linked to the lyrics and themes introduced in the black and white diptych.

MD: Since the beginning I´ve treated Lunatic Soul as music for a film. Unfortunately, if anybody wanted to create a soundtrack out of it, it wouldn´t be possible because of the small number of instrumental pieces. When we were recording the black and the white album, we composed a lot more material that later for different reasons was not included on the albums. Now nothing stops us to gather them together into a unified whole and release them on additional CD’s. I think that thanks to this the whole story will gain the adequate depth and character. At first we thought that “Impressions” would be divided into two parts and added to the new releases of the black and white albums. But after hearing the first part the Kscope team suggest to gather them all together and create a separate album. I thought It would be really cool idea.

Lunatic Soul “Impressions” will be a limited number release available through Kscope , scheduled for Oct 10th.