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Music from a Forest

6 November 2020

I am mainly associated with progressive rock, where you expect some rhythm changes all the time, but, to be honest, I really and truly love monotonous rhythm, pulse, trance. I love electronic music where sounds pulsate, suspended in the beat; the work of Tangerine Dream is extremely close to my heart, as well as more modern bands like Solar Fields or Aes Dana. I absolutely love shamanic, ritual trance music from artists like the Swedish band Hedningarna. They have this song, “Graucholorfen”, which I think I have listened to about a million times. I have always wanted to found a band that plays such “music from a forest”, and Lunatic Soul was created mainly so I could make exactly this sort of sounds. But I only understood it on the seventh album“.

Lunatic Soul “Through Shaded Woods” – out November 13th.

art by Sightsphere