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Lunatic Soul announces anticipated fifth studio album “Fractured”

27 July 2017

Lunatic Soul announces anticipated fifth studio album “Fractured” with the release of a video for the title track.

“Fractured” is set for release through Kscope and Mystic Production.

Mariusz Duda: “The main theme of “Fractured” is coming back to life after a personal tragedy. It’s inspired by what happened in my life in 2016 and by everything that’s happening around us and what’s making us turn away from one another and divide into groups, for better and for worse. Musically it will be the most original album I have ever made as well as the most accessible and personal album in the Lunatic Soul discography.

The album was recorded in Poland at Serakos Studio and Custom 34 Studio, mixed by Magda & Robert Srzedniccy and Mariusz Duda, and the artwork was created by long time collaborator, renowned cover artist Travis Smith (Opeth, Riverside).


1. Blood On The Tightrope [07:19]
2. Anymore [04:37]
3. Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes[06:42]
4. Red Light Escape [05:43]
5. Fractured [04:36]
6. A Thousand Shards Of Heaven [12:17]
7. Battlefield [09:05]
8. Moving On [05:14]

Release Date: October 6th, 2017

Fractured will be released in the following formats and is now available for pre-order here: