Lunatic Soul “Fractured”

New Lunatic Soul album in September
11 January 2017

We already know the title of the upcoming album by Lunatic Soul. The fifth Lunatic Soul release will be called “Fractured” and is scheduled for September 2017.

Mariusz Duda: “Lunatic Soul has changed and if I were to describe this music, I’d call it dark melancholic trance with more electronics and more powerful sounds. But there will also be some lyrical fragments, and a couple of tracks will feature a symphonic orchestra I have worked with for the first time in my career. The new Lunatic Soul album will be brave, rich and musically very intense, a beginning of a new style rather than a continuation of the previous releases. I am under the impression that all my music experiences have led me to this place and that it will be one of the best albums I have ever made.

As always, Lunatic Soul “Fractured” will be released worldwide on Kscope and on Mystic Production in Poland.

More details soon.

Trailer made by Sightsphere


  1. Chris Peters says:

    Can’t wait to hear the new creations!

  2. Pablo says:

    Only 1 (+1) comment?! …Then again silence is golden to those creative… it gives the perception of reception. A bended ear. A place from which truth flows. Hey since we have to wait till September can you add bongos?

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