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“The Art of Repairing” – new composition from the upcoming Lunatic Soul album “Under The Fragmented Sky”


It is my great pleasure to share with you the first single from the upcoming Lunatic Soul album. “Untamed” is the final track from “Under the Fragmented Sky” and at the same time a farewell to the theme of mourning explored on “Fractured”.

Such a positive opening seems to me more appropriate for this time of year and for the first ever “non-autumnal” release of Lunatic Soul, which you will be able to listen to in its entirety on May 25th.

I hope this piece will be your soundtrack for many positive moments!


Mystic Production

Lunatic Soul will be 10 years old soon. But it is not my intention to expatiate on the passing of time and reminisce the beginnings of my solo project, which many of you have come to love. Most of all, I would like to thank you for your loyalty and for being with me for all those years also here, in my alternative, more or less lunatic reality.

And because of the anniversary and the upcoming release, the sixth in the catalogue, I thought I should tell you a secret, which some of you already know and others might suspect. Lunatic Soul began with the black and white diptych and, basically, it was supposed to end there. However, something kept pushing me further and after complementing the diptych with the instrumental “Impressions”, the circle of history had begun. And so there was a prequel, “Walking on a Flashlight Beam”, and then “Fractured”, seemingly removed from the whole story, and yet an integral part of it. And what is the newest release, “Under the Fragmented Sky”? Most definitely a new element on the shared timeline, which looks something like this:

I have called this cycle, “The Circle of Life and Death”. We die, we are reborn, we die again, we are reborn as different people, in different places and times. Depending on which side we are on, the music changes. And in order to combine everything, I need six parts. Currently, two of them are additions and constitute a bridge between some of the other.

Under The Fragmented Sky”, the new Lunatic Soul album, is set for release through Kscope and Mystic Production on May 25th. The album will be a supplement to “Fractured”, the fifth studio release from October last year, and will comprise 8 new compositions, most of which are instrumental.

It’s a very unexpected and spontaneous release. Initially, I was thinking about a maxi single “A Thousand Shards of Heaven” with a couple of other tracks but the material had evolved so beautifully in the studio that I ended up with 36 minutes of brand new music. It’s a truly enchanting album. “UTFS” is a music journey with very subtle electronics and vocal experiments, it’s incredibly coherent and much closer to the mood of the earlier Lunatic Soul albums.

Thanks to “Under the Fragmented Sky”, the last red album will gain a fuller meaning and the whole Lunatic Soul discography will be enriched with another shade of my music fascinations, which have been suspended somewhere between life and death from the very beginning.

See you all in another melancholic shade of red!


  1. He av en (04:05)
  2. Trials (05:44)
  3. Sorrow (01:30)
  4. Under The Fragmented Sky (05:03)
  5. Shadows (04:31)
  6. Rinsing The Night (03:56)
  7. The Art Of Repairing (07:54)
  8. Untamed (03:24)

Artwork by Jarek Kubicki


Mystic Production

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